Danse Macabre


Umney’s last case:

Two dead girls,


the little sisters of Eluria,

blood and smoke.


Just after sunset,

full dark, no stars,

the girl who loved Tom Gordon

under the dome.


Storm of the century,

the mist, dead zone.

Cell, the long walk. Road work.


The shining blaze,

firestarter Christine. 





Dream catcher.


Hearts in Atlantis,

‘Salem’s lot.

The stand.


Gerald’s game “Nightshift”,

dark tower, secret windows,

pet sematary.



Four past midnight,

night’s journey

from a Buick 8,


riding the bullet.





Needful things.


Insomnia? The running man;

bag of bones—thinner,

the green mile.


The mouse on the mile,

Coffey on the mile.


The Plant.


Six stories,

black house.


The eyes of the dragon,

nightmare in the sky.

The waste lands. 


Carrie, Dolores Claiborne—

the Tommyknockers.

Cujo, the Colorado Kid—

the Regulators. 


Different seasons,

cycle of the werewolf,

the dark half.

Wolves of the Calla.

The talisman. 


Skeleton crew,


the Dune,

Coffey’s hands. 


The Chronicles of Harris Burdick,

Lisey’s story,

Song of Susannah.


Nightmare’s & dreamscapes.

The secretary of dreams.




Graduation afternoon.

Stephen King goes to the movies.


The star invaders,

Rose Madder,

Wizard and Glass.


The drawing of the three;

The Bachman books,

On Writing:

A Memoir of the Craft.


The new Lieutenant’s rap:

the bad death of Eduard Delacroix,

a good marriage,

dark visions,

big driver.


People, places, and things:

my pretty pony,

Dolan’s Cadillac,

Duma Key.


Blockade Billy,

Doctor Sleep.

Fair extension.


The wind through the keyhole.



Everything’s eventual.